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The Pilates Room Adelaide is a boutique studio offering Mat Pilates, Clinical Pre / Postnatal, Clinical Mat / Equipment, and Barre instruction in a warm and inclusive environment. Our services are provided by experienced Physiotherapists, also qualified in Studio & Rehab Pilates.


Mat Pilates

Mat classes flow through a series of dynamic floor exercises, which can be tailored to individual abilities and experience. Classes may incorporate small apparatus, such as resistance bands, hand weights, foam rollers, chi balls and the Pilates circle.

Clinical Mat / Equipment

Clinical sessions are the perfect option if you are returning to movement following an injury or surgery, if you are looking for sports specific prehab / rehab or simply would like to focus on specific goals for your body.

Clinical Pre / Postnatal

Prepare your body for the physical demands motherhood and regain strength following pregnancy, in a relaxed environment with your baby. Interact with other woman also experiencing the journey of motherhood.

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Barre is a high energy, low impact class based on the principles of Ballet and Pilates. Our semi-private classes focus on building confidence with correct technique to improve postural alignment, whole body strength, coordination and balance.

Strength | Control | Movement

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Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.

– Joseph Pilates (Founder of the Pilates Method).